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Samples of Luc's Music

He is accompanied on the violin by his brother Marc.

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These pieces are all taken from Butterfly Wings by The Walpot Brothers.

Flowers of Edinburgh (Scottish Reel) Flowers of Edinburgh
Captain O'kane (O'Carolan)
Captain O'kane
Morfa'r Frenhines (The Queens Marsh. Trad. Welsh) Morfa'r Frenhines

These pieces are all taken from Luc Walpot - Picking up the thread.

Andante Allegro (Handel's Concerto in Bb) Flowers of Edinburgh
Larghetto (Handel's Concerto in Bb)
Captain O'kane
Allegro Moderato (Handel's Concerto in Bb)
Morfa'r Frenhines
Constantine Maguire by O'Carolan Morfa'r Frenhines
American in paris by G.Gershwin
Morfa'r Frenhines
Rhapsodie in Blue by G.Gershwin Morfa'r Frenhines
Scarborough Fair Morfa'r Frenhines
Watching the Wheat by John Thomas Morfa'r Frenhines
Arabesque by C.Debussy
Morfa'r Frenhines
Etude de Concert by F.Godefroid
Morfa'r Frenhines
Picking up the Thread by Luc Walpot Morfa'r Frenhines
Eleanor Plunkett by O'Carolan Morfa'r Frenhines

These pieces are all taken from Celtic Harp - Seaweed On The Tide.

John O'Connor (O'Carolan) O'Carolan
George Brabazon (O'Carolan) O'Carolan
The Rose The Rose

These pieces are all taken from Flute & Harp

Ye Banks And Braes Ye Banks And Braes
Princess Royale (O'Carolan)

This piece is taken from Flute & Harp Mozart

Mozart Cadenza Cadenza
Flute & Harp Mozart Concerto Concerto


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